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Teamwork - a central element of any successful business. So when you've invested in brand new computers, why not maximize your efficiency with an effective network? It's not the most interesting subject in the world, but networking could be the best thing that's ever happened to your business. Immediate access to shared files, shared workgroup printers, shared internet access and e-mail are just some of the benefits that networking can bring.

Networking Solutions

At Marxware we can assess your requirements, provide a networking plan and then obtain and install all hardware, cabling, hubs and switches which will change the way you do business and interact with your colleagues.   We specialize in outfitting small to medium size businesses with Microsoft's desktop and server solutions.   Microsoft has a family of server packages sized for the very small (home office) to small businesses (5 to 75 users) to the enterprise.   Our market is the small business and find that the Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) solutions allows these companies to run the same server applications as large companies with enterprise type requirements.   The Microsoft SBS solution is more cost-effective than ever before.

If a server is not in your plans we can create a workgroup environment with several computers and printers or another alternative is Microsoft's Multipoint server.   Multipoint server allows multiple users to share one computer at the same time.   And, as with the hardware and software we supply, we'll always be on hand to provide advice and help with further network development.

So whatever your networking needs, contact Marxware Computing Services, it makes good business sense.   Marxware wants to be your partner to ensure your information systems run smooth and efficient so you can spend more time focused on growing the business and achieving your revenue goals.

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