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Tools of the Trade

The following are a few of the tools Marxware utilizes in developing web based solutions. Click on the below links to learn more.



Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Visual Studio




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Sample Solutions

University Hospitals CompCare

University Hospitals Corporate Health

Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association (SMACNA)

Susan Barchard

Custom Web Applications

Nowadays it's all www this and that - there's no escape. As Emeril Lagasse says, "that www thing...". And whether you like it or not, the Internet isn't going to go away. The internet has changed the way we all do business. We use it as a sales tool for our own business, to research just about anything, a communication tool and to buy or sell items.

At Marxware we have helped many clients of all sizes understand the Internet and to take advantage of its vast reach. As broadband technologies increase in usage it allows businesses to do things which were not possible only a couple of years ago. Applications which run over the internet instead of on the desktop, database applications to capture or supply information, e-commerce and the list goes on.

Depending on your specific needs you may want to browse a sample of static web sites we have developed. If you are looking to present database information you may want to look at the database driven web sites we have developed.

How can Marxware help you utilize the information highway. Contact Marxware Computing Services and we can develop a plan which makes good business sense.

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