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Tools of the Trade

The following are a few of the tools Marxware utilizes in developing custom solutions. Click on the below links to learn more.

Intuit QuickBooks

Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Microsoft Visual Studio

Multi-Edit Software

Visual ProMatrix

Sample Solutions

Click on the below links to view a few Marxware designed and implemented solutions.

IBEW - Electrical Industry Advancement Program (EIAP)

MCO Solutions

Custom Desktop Applications

Sometimes canned, off the shelf software just will not do what you need.   Maybe all you need is to create a bridge between two existing applications.   Is your business unique, or is the way you wish to run your business unique?   In any case you probably can't find the off the shelf solutions you need to retain your competitive advantage.

Data processing means just that, the processing of data.   Once the information is entered into one application or place, why re-key this same information into another application?   Marxware has successfully built many custom bridges between applications eliminating the need to manually enter the same information into another application, saving you both time and money.  

Intuit QuickBooks suite is used by most small businesses.   It is a great tool for your financial management, but how do you get information into it other than data entry.   Marxware has built custom applications, creating and using the QuickBooks customers, vendors, invoices, vendor bills, checks to be printed, inventory items...   Generally anything within QuickBooks can be created or exported and used with your web site or other applications.   Think of the possibilities!   Let Marxware talk with you on interfacing your major line of business software or web site with QuickBooks.

At Marxware we can analyze your requirements, develop a plan, create the application and finally train your staff.   If you have questions, problems or suggestions Marxware is always on hand to provide support.

Whatever your needs, contact Marxware Computing Services and we can discuss your project, it makes good business sense.

Visual Studio

Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Partner

Visual ProMatrix