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"The #1 Small Business Financial Software, QuickBooks, is the leading choice to help businesses start, grow, and succeed." as posted on the Intuit web site.

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Many of our clients have been successful using QuickBooks Professional. QuickBooks also offers many industry specific versions based on the QuickBooks Professional base package. We at Marxware like it because it is so flexible. Intuit offers a Software Development Kit (SDK) which allows information to be pulled or updated to the QuickBooks database. This allows custom interfaces to be written to transfer information between your line of business applications.

The Marxware product, MCO Solutions has a need to pay providers based on medical bills. Rather than recreate or reinvent a basic accounting system to track these payments and in some cases recover overpaid monies, QuickBooks was chosen to fill these needs. An interface was written using the SDK to create vendor bills, payments for the bills, customer invoices and to receive payments against these invoices. QuickBooks is then used to track A/R, A/P and bank reconciliation.

Let Marxware Computing Services talk with you on interfacing your major line of business software or web site with QuickBooks.